Zoë Goetzmann is an investigative journalist, reporter and creative producer who's work has been published via online publications such as Artsy.net, The Psychology of Fashion, the Condé Nast College Student Magazine as well as the independent art publication, Create! Magazine.

She is a recent graduate from the Condé Nast College of Fashion where she holds a degree in MA Fashion Media Practice (Fashion Journalism). She also holds a Bachelor of Art's Degree from Sarah Lawrence College as well as an MA Degree in Art Business from the Sotheby's Institute of Art in London.

Zoë has always has a life-long passion for all forms of media and contemporary media from magazines to film and television to podcasts. She is a champion for both the art and fashion worlds, seeking to develop and work on projects which can bring these two landscapes together.


Scroll down to read a selection of my work. I've written for art publications such as Artsy.net and Create! Magazine. I have also written pieces (and created video content) for the Condé Nast College of Fashion & Design's Student Blog.

The Need for a Common Fashion Language System

The Need for a Common Fashion Language System

Artsy.net: Artists On Instagram

Artsy.net Nov 26, 2018

Defining Radical Transparency

In celebration of Earth Week, Zoe Goetzmann defines the term 'radical transparency' as it pertains to the fashion industry

Interview with designer Annie Foo

Future Fashion Textile Technology Event London February 21, 2020

Interview with Artist Robyn Blair

Create! Magazine September 25, 2019

Fashioning Change: The Changing Landscape of the Fashion & Media Industries

Fashioning Change: How the fashion industry, media brands and companies are coping through this ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. MA Fashion Media Practice student, Zoë Goetzmann on the Fashioning Change conference.

Profile on Artist Laurence de Valmy

Create! Magazine January 17, 2020

Profile on YouTuber Zoe Sugg

Spring 2016

Style Review: Wide Legged Trouser

The Oxford Student 7th May 2015


My C.V.

Contributing Staff Writer, Create! Magazine

Contributing Writer, Condé Nast College's Student Magazine

Freelance Writer

Consulting Producer and Co-Writer, Austin School of Film



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Interview with Artist Robyn Blair

Create! Magazine September 25, 2019

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